Writing quickly without a physical keyboard

Explore an innovative text entry interface for people who are unable to use an ordinary keyboard or a touch screen with precision. Also for people who cannot speak clearly enough to use speech recognition.


fast communication

The eyetracking version of Dasher allows an experienced user to write text as fast as normal handwriting (39 words per minute).


in any language

Polish? Hebrew? Chinese? No problem! We also encourage you to personalize Dasher by supplying a training file written in your own style.

easy to learn

Dasher is a zooming interface. You choose what you write by choosing where to zoom to. It is designed for people with motor disabilities, by the people with the same disability.

free software

Hard to belive?
It is an open source program. Dasher is constantly upgraded. To use it simple download it for free.

leaflet to print

download dasher leaflet to print

How to use Dasher

To use it you simple need an electronic wit basic functions. Works well with mouse, head tracking, eye tracking and switches. It may depend on what you need. We have prepared easy, step by step tutorials to help you get started.

Who made it?

Designed by people with the same disabilities as yours, leading to the unique and one of a kind interface. See the author of the latest realised 5.0 Ada Majorek on Dasher – wath the movie


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Ready to download for free?

the latest release version 5.0 (linux/windows)